Alexis' Divorce from Beige

House Call

Name: Alexis
Location: Pacific Heights — San Francisco, California

After moving from my two bedroom condo in the Florida swamp lands to my tiny little space on top of a hill in San Francisco I was forced to make some hefty decor decisions. It was then that I decided to divorce myself from my white & beige past and create a happy energetic space exploding with color to represent my new life in the Bay Area!

Having such a small apartment makes every piece that I bring into it that much more special. In combination, my flea market finds, carefully selected designer pieces and accessories passed down through my family all seem to flow together perfectly; each getting their fair share of attention.

If asked to describe my studio, I would say that it is youthful, vibrant, a bit quirky, but always thoughtful. makes me smile every time I walk through the door!

Hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I love living here!

Thanks, Alexis!

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