Alicia Keys Sings Happy Birthday at
Target's 50th Birthday!

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Alicia Keys last Thursday night... Super cute, awesome voice and she sang, "Happy birthday dear Tar-jay," instead, getting a big laugh from the crowd.

The home furnishings world doesn't get more fun than this. I got to drop into Target's self styled 50th birthday party in Chelsea last Tuesday night, and live in a world of red bulls eyes for an hour. It was highly dramatic event with champagne toasts, a "museum" wall of Target products and pics from 1962 to the present and an over-the-top Moulin Rouge (ie. RED) cabaret performance that culminated in Alicia Keys suddenly appearing to sing Happy Birthday. It was darn good marketing.

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We were first loaded into a red elevator that carried us up to the party... Very Sleep No More...

This is what it felt like....

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I liked perusing the little "museum" of 50 years of a store that I somehow thought popped out of thin air in the late 1990's...

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Everyone got to have their photograph taken with the calmest dog in the world... The Bullseye.... and, yes, his hair has been carefully dyed red. It's perfect.

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Even the DJ was model-worthy in her red getup!

Then the cabaret started to the tune of "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast...

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Pics at AfroBella

(Images: Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan)

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