Alison's Cure: My Loveless Landing Strip

Liveblogging the January Cure 2014

Our "landing strip" has been functioning just fine for some time now. Coat rack, check. Pens, mail holder, check. But… is it just me, or does the sight of your entryway get tired faster than every other place in the house? Perhaps it's time for a little re-vamp? Click through to see what, exactly, I've got in mind.

I can't paint (I currently live in grad school housing), but I can always switch a few accessories out for a slightly updated look.

Clockwise from top right:

1. Keep the Eames Hang-it-all. Duh. That thing is one of the greatest purchases I have ever made.

2. Add a small shelf by the door. I have been in love with a friend's reclaimed barn shelf for some time now — how hard would it be to source/DIY something like this myself?

3. A new rug. It needs to be low profile so as to avoid getting stuck under the door. This one from Urban Outfitters is cute. Or should I go yellow?

4. A place for my husband's keys. This cloud key hook from Suck UK is irresistibly adorable.

5. Replace the photo gallery with a single piece of art? Perhaps something from Julia Pott, who I love, like this print, available on Etsy.

And then, there's this. What I wouldn't give to have room in my landing strip for this incredible deer umbrella stand. Maybe one day?

Does your landing strip need a makeover? Share your irresistibles below!


(Image credits: Alison Gerber; Fab)