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Richland, WA
Inspiration for my palette:
I used to have a very tiny house with a yellow and red decor. When we moved I was going to go blue and brown but when I got down to decorating I realized I really didn't want to go that route. So I ended up with a conglomeration of colors all of which I liked and didn't want to weed anything out. So my strategy became unifying everything. Most everything we have is either hand-me-down, yard sale or thrift so I had a variety of furniture styles, wood tones, and metal accent colors that all needed to be brought together. Our rooms are small and so I also needed to open up the space. We decided on Behr's Ocean Pearl for the walls. It's a soft grey/green that even looks almost blue sometimes. We had samples on the walls for months before finally deciding. I love the color! It is cool but makes the warmer accents stand out. It unifies everything and recedes into the background all at the same time. So my little pops of red, emerald green and blue all look like they were made to be together.
Colors used in my room:
Golds, Browns, Blues, Greens and Red
Tips for using color successfully:
I love today's anything-goes style. You can pretty much put any colors you love together and make it work. Just use different proportions so that you have one or two main colors and little bits of others here and there. If I bring in a color I make sure to put that color in a couple other places in the room. Then it fits.
Peaceful Unity
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