Alkov Square Baskets from Ikea

Alkov Square Baskets from Ikea

Kyle Freeman
Jan 20, 2009

We are VERY picky about baskets, to the point where we don't have many in our life. But lately we've really been craving a way to store blankets in our living room for watching movies on particularly chilly nights. So when we stumbled across these contemporary baskets from Ikea, we thought the price was worth the good-looking storage...

The basket comes in 2 sizes, approximately 18" x 18" x 18" for the large basket ($39.99) (which is the one we bought for our blanket storage) and 15" x 15" x 15" for the smaller basket ($29.99). The price is steeper than usual for Ikea but we really appreciate the flip-top lid design, the black wood base, the touches of black in the basket itself and the square design. All of these elements add up to make the basket feel more modern and palatable to us.

Check them out at Ikea.

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