All About Composting: Hot Tips, Best Bins, and WORMS!

All About Composting: Hot Tips, Best Bins, and WORMS!

Cambria Bold
Feb 23, 2011
Or you a hardcore composter? Or is it something you've been meaning to try? Do you have a serious outdoor bin, or a countertop container? Curious about using worms? We believe that everyone can compost, and our enthusiasm for the practice has led us to amass a fair amount of composting content over the last few years. This is the roundup of roundups for (com)posts on Re-Nest. What Is Composting? From The Environmental Defense Fund:
"The natural breakdown of organic material to a dark, loose, soil-like substance that will substantially enrich any garden. Decomposition occurs with the assistance of invertebrates like earthworms and microorganisms like bacteria and fungi. Composting is a form of recycling that occurs continually in nature. It can significantly reduce the amount of household waste we throw away and at the same time provide a nutrient-rich additive for soils."
Why Compost? Every year the US generates over 34 million tons of food waste accounting for 14 percent of the total municipal solid waste stream. Less than 3 percent of that waste is put to good use (i.e composted). The rest of it—roughly 33 million tons— is thrown away into landfills or incinerators where its decomposition produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is 21 times more potent than carbon monoxide. According to the Environmental Protection Agency,
Landfills are the major source of human-related methane in the United States, accounting for more than 20 percent of all methane emissions. Reducing, recovering, and recycling food waste diverts organic materials from landfills and incinerators, reducing GHG emissions from landfills and waste combustion. The use of recycled food waste (compost) has many environmental benefits: improving soil health and structure; increasing drought resistance; and reducing the need for supplemental water, fertilizers, and pesticides. An additional benefit of food waste reduction, donation, and composting is improved sanitation, public safety and health for both your facility and community.
Whether you're an avid composter already or just getting started, we've covered this topic extensively on Re-Nest over the years.

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