Alleys as Parks

Alleys as Parks

Jonathan B.
Sep 16, 2008

There are 914 miles of alleys in Los Angeles—and most sit unused. A team of planners at USC is working to change that with a pilot program to turn them into parks.

Some alleys might just get a green makeover, with permeable paving and drought-resistant plants. But the Los Angeles Times reports that some alleys, like the project pictured above, "could even see the pieces of a typical park -- swing sets, barbecues -- and could be transformed into safe, green connectors between homes, schools, churches and parks, encouraging people to go outside."

Lots of the alleys are in areas of Los Angeles that are lower-income, higher crime, and that have fewer parks per person than other parts of LA, so this project is also a way of increasing equity between neighborhoods.

The article mentions similar programs in Seattle and Baltimore... is there an alley that could use attention in your neighborhood?

photo via LATimes article linked above

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