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Kansas City, MO
Inspiration for my palette:
I loved the idea of grey walls as a classic neutral background for our 1,000 sq ft loft with 14 ft ceilings. While the loft has a very industrial and modern feel, I wanted to warm it up and add the character with a "traveled feel" to the space. The rust colored couches bring a sense of drama to the space while the striped rug which incorporates the rust, greens, cream and khaki tones pulls the room together. I wanted to use the pillows to add textures and to layer the neutral, warm palette.
Colors used in my room:
Grey, Creams, Browns, Rust, Muted Green
Tips for using color successfully:
I love neutral colors, but it's important to contrast them in such a way that keeps the space interesting. A neutral color palette can easily become boring unless you're layering colors and tones of the colors to add depth to the space. This layering effect will draw people in and make them want to soak up the cozy space.
Contrasting Neutrals