Alphabet Fabric Roundup

Alphabet Fabric Roundup

Jackie Boucher
Aug 8, 2011

It's no secret that we have big crushes on alphabet posters over here at Ohdeedoh. What better way to bring the love of learning and design together? But why not use alphabet fabric as a design element in the kids' room too? Those talented folks who use Spoonflower have been busy designing some great letter-inspired patterns. Check them out.

We went browsing through Spoonflower's site and here are our top 10 favorite Alphabet themed fabrics for using in kids' spaces.

1. Cursive Alphabet by Lbdavidson
2. Letters by Ankepanke
3. Alphpapattern by Nicole Mueller
4. Animal Alphabet Show by Mayabella
5. A is for ... by Monda

6. A is for Animal by Teken-ing
7. Alphabet Soup by Feathered Nest Studio
8. Little Fox by Rose 'n' Thorn
9. Abstract Alphabet by Fattcheese
10. Construction of Words by Tairyland

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