Alphabet Furniture

Do your kids watch Word World? You know, the show where putting a word together actually builds the thing it names? I cannot even believe it, but these designers managed to bring that concept to life with Alphabet Furniture.

Alphabet Furniture works on several levels. First, there are 26 different pieces, one for each letter of the alphabet, and each one is in the shape of a letter. But then it gets complicated, because for at least three products, using the letter pieces that form the word (e.g., T-A-B-L-E) you can fit together that actual piece of furniture. Witness:

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We're speechless.

According to the website, the concept was developed along with Penguin Books in an attempt to create urban reading spaces. This video shows all the letters and explains the project in more detail:

And the lamp, chair and table are currently available for purchase on the Degree site.

(Images and video: Degree.)

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