9 Alternatives to Cloth Bath Mats

I love the feel of plush bath mats, but mine usually end up staying tamped down, accumulating dog hair, and generally not being nice and fluffy. Given that I recently learned I have a few household allergies, I've decided it's time to forgo the cotton rug.

I'm considering these options, most of which are naturally antifungal; others are aromatic. All I know is I won't miss having to shake out and wash my cloth bath mat.

1. Gaiam's sustainably harvested cork mat ($24 or $42) comes in two sizes and is nonslip.

2. I really want this Hinoki Bath Mat from Design Within Reach ($100). The Japanese wood is mildew-resistant, has a natural lemon scent, and is a "responsibly harvested by-product of forest thinning."

3. This teak mat ($34.79) from Overstock.com is water- and fungi-resistant. All the site's reviewers recommend it.

4. The Acacia Slatted Bath Mat from CB2 ($29.95) is good-looking and affordable.

5. Umbra's bamboo mat ($49.95) is water-resistant and an interesting shape.

6. This teak mat from Viva Terra ($69) is made with plantation-grown wood, and its dimensions could make it work for narrower spots.

7. I had never heard of vetiver, but the plant's aromatic roots are woven together by fair trade artisans to make this mat from Gaiam ($39.20).

8. "Le Spa" Teak Floor Mat ($53) uses wood from government-approved plantations in Indonesia.

9. If you feel like taking on a project, follow Craftynest's lead and make a mat out of wine corks. (Cost? Depends how much Bordeaux you buy.)

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