Alysha & Matt's Sunny Seattle Retreat

House Call

Name: Alysha & Matt
Location: Magnolia Neighborhood — Seattle, Washington

his home is our natural urban retreat. Newly transplanted in Seattle from Los Angeles we wanted to create a home that reminded us of what we would see on a stroll down LA streets mixed with our new natural surroundings here in Seattle.

Upon moving in I found myself looking for pieces of furniture that had history and told a story of lives before. I also really went to town with refurbishing furniture from thrift stores in this home. I wanted to breathe new life into everything in the house. We got rid of a lot of unused items in this move and only kept what was essential, which made each item in the house have a purpose.

Creating this blend of street art and a crafty vintage vibe has left us in a home that feels like a really comfortable union of what we love in our lives past and present.

Thanks, Alysha!

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