Amanda & Jason's High Point Adjacent Home

House Call

Name: Amanda & Jason
Location: Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina

Greetings from the town right next door to High Point Market! Throughout your High Point market tweets just a couple of weeks ago, it occurred to me that you should absolutely show off a local home! Downtown Greensboro is a hopping area with an incredible array of historical buildings that have been artfully restored.

We are from San Francisco and were transferred here about a year ago for my husbands job - coming from a big city, we were pretty nervous, but we have really managed to find a fun little spot here in DT Greensboro!

Poised on the periphery of Greensboro's most lively corner, our building touts a past rich in stories and time gone by. As the tale goes, the building was originally a hotel, built to entertain the whims of a host of traveling salesmen coming in and out of town via the train.

Thanks, Amanda!

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