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Sammamish, WA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
The oversize windows that let in an abundant amount of natural light is what I love most about our studio. Even on the cloudiest of days here in the Pacific Northwest, the studio is bright, open and allows for a beautiful backdrop of the ever changing skyline. No amount of artwork can compete with Mother Nature. We also love the ability to leave the slider-door wide open and fall asleep listening to the sound of crickets each night. Downsizing from a one bedroom house with a yard to a studio apartment on a 4th floor without even a full balcony was a major adjustment. However, embracing change and the opportunity to downsize has helped us live more within our means and put our energy into doing the things we enjoy most. Having family and friends over to our space allows us to create new memories which is more valuable than any materialistic item.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
Tidy up a little bit each day. I make the bed first thing in the morning when coffee is brewing and ensure clothes are thrown in the hamper or put away in the closet. Since the kitchen opens up to the living room, I make sure to keep dishes washed and the sink empty. Choose to only keep items you truly love or that have a special sentimental meaning to them. My grandfather gave me one of his old Kodak cameras; I have since acquired a few others from various antique shops. A few blue mason jars are displayed from our wedding. These remind us of fun memories and the important people in our life. Remember, if you bring something home; donate something else to help keep balance in your space. Fresh flowers and plants can brighten any room. By bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside, we feel a little closer to nature.