Amangiri Resort by Al-Sayed, Burnette & Joy

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.26.12

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Amangiri Resort by Al-Sayed, Burnette & Joy

• from $1,000
Urban Mercantile

Ok, here's a curveball of a Daily Find: a luxury resort in Utah designed by three remarkable architects, Marwan Al-Sayed, Wendell Burnette and Rick Joy, which is meant to feel like a “block of cast earth — a sort of massive ruin eroded by the climate and the program.” The pics are stunning.

If you like modern and you like raw elements, this is for you - only you just have to save up for a bit, because there are only 34 guest suites in this striking spa hotel, and they don't come cheap. Check out the resort website and also check out this good backstory from Architectural Record.

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