A-MAZE-ING: DIY Paper Plate Magnet Maze


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I know, I know, the pun is so bad, but I just couldn't help myself. Because I think this cute DIY, great for the summer, really is amazing. Easy to do, customizable, inexpensive, and kid-friendly. What more do you need?

Rubyellen from Cakies created these mazes using only paper plates and magnets. She shows you how to create this concentric circle pattern, but you could make any shaped maze of any difficulty. Choose a theme that resonates with your kids and have them help you decorate the maze.

What I like most about this project is that using the long handle and magnet requires some good hand-eye coordination, so it's a great way to practice this skill while having fun. In fact, I think I might need a little help in that area, so I might be making a few of these for myself.

I'm partial to the outer space theme, but I'd also love to make an archeological one, where the deeper into the maze you go, the more fossils you find. What motif would you use for a kid's maze?

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(Image credits: Rubyellen Bratcher)

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