Amazon Prime Price Increase: How To Buy Another Year for $79


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Amazon Prime subscribers have been grumbling the last few days because of the service's $20 price increase, which will go into effect on Dec. 31, 2014. However, for fans of the service who want to extend their subscription one more year for the $79 price, there is a tricky way to get around the new price.

The folks over at Lifehacker discovered this handy workaround. Here's how you can do it:

1. Turn off your auto-renew on your Prime account. Here are Amazon's step by step instructions for making that happen. Be sure to take note of the last day of your subscription.

2. Buy a gift subscription for yourself today at the price of $79. This may seem confusing, but just make yourself the recipient.

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3. Now, when checking out, be sure you don't send the gift to yourself right away. Instead, schedule the delivery for a later date. Ideally, you'd send it to yourself on the day you wrote down in step 1.

For those folks that have the discounted Student Prime account, the price will go up from $39 to $49 at the end of the year. Amazon Mom, a plan that allows parents to get discounts on baby wipes and diapers, will still be free with Prime accounts.

Read more at Lifehacker

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