News: Amazon's Debuts E-Book Reader, Kindle

News: Amazon's Debuts E-Book Reader, Kindle

Nov 19, 2007

We agree with the masses. We're not sold on the e-book either, but Amazon released their e-book reader, Kindle, today and we couldn't resist taking a peek.

So what's the scoop? Well it doesn't win any points with us for it's physical appearance, but a great deal of thought seems to be put into how the Kindle functions. We'd still have to see one for ourselves, but Amazon claims it reads like paper, allows you to buy any book instantly via a wifi connection, no computer needed.

They are certainly trying to tackle the untouched market of virtual books, with low $9.99 price tags, instant access, and allowing you to access digital feeds. Instead of podcasts, it's blogs and newspapers.

While we could see the daily commuter liking this concept, we think we'll stick to books in our homes, for now.

Available at Amazon for $399.

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