Ambient Art: Would You Buy Art From Your Gym?

Ambient Art: Would You Buy Art From Your Gym?

Apr 1, 2009

My gym recently started a rotating art exhibit on its concrete block walls. While I like having something to divert my attention from the flat-screen TVs, it didn't seem to me like the optimal gallery experience. I like some of the paintings, but we find it hard to imagine buying relatively expensive art — in the $300-$1000 range — off a gym wall. For some reason we are more inclined to buy cheap art from flea markets, Etsy, or street vendors and to buy "investment" pieces from proper galleries, art school exhibits or the artists themselves. Something about seeing the art used as decor in another setting makes it harder for us to bring it into our own space...

Where do you buy your art? What's the oddest place you've ever made an art purchase?

(Images:1-2: Claire Clark, 3: Photo by Roadell Hickman for The Plain Dealer)

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