AmpLamp: Making Multi-Tasking Tech Look Good

AmpLamp: Making Multi-Tasking Tech Look Good

Taryn Williford
Sep 22, 2008

We're all about integrating technology components into great design. Even better when you can get two tech tools in there. This unit is a combination lamp/speaker system, but we love it most for the fact that it just simply looks like a beautiful, vintage 70s lamp.

It's just a concept for the immediate future, but judging by this Web site, it's a lot closer to being on our tables than most concepts we've seen.

Designed by Dominic Bromley, it boasts 80 watts of power including the built-in subwoofer in the base. Speakers are hidden inside the lampshade, using a combination of technologies to create stereo sound from a single source. The site also makes a quick mention of an "optional integrated iPod dock."

Tell us: Will you get in line for this find?

[ via DVice ]

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