Amy Butler's Projects for the Home

Amy Butler's Projects for the Home

Aug 20, 2007

The current generation of crafters continues to find new ways to merge hobbies like knitting and sewing with the desire to decorate. Amy Butler stands out in this area as someone who is helping weekend crafters accessorize and personalize their home. (That's her workspace pictured above.)

Her latest offering, "Amy Butler's Sew-It Kit" — which comes out next week — overlaps a bit with her book, In Stitches. But it also includes new projects: the scrap wool pincushion, reversible tissue box, recycled wool blanket pillow cover, and decorative vase cover.

Amy must be one busy lady because she has another book coming out this fall, Midwestern Modern. This time around, in addition to showcasing sewing projects, she's providing a glimpse into her own Ohio house (which we love):

Midwestern Modern hits bookstores in October. Until then, you can also view more images of Amy's home and studio on her website, and pick up her new sewing kit next week.

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