Amy Sedaris fake cakes

Humorist Amy Sedaris claims to have "taught Martha Stewart how to make a grilled cheese sandwich in prison by using an iron". Pardon our wee bit of doubt in regards to this claim. But as author of the tongue-in-cheek hostess and domestic guide, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, there's no doubt Amy has her own take on home entertaining worth considering (i.e. "A good trick is to fill your medicine cabinet with marbles. Nothing announces a nosey guest better than an avalanche of marbles hitting a porcelain sink").

Amy Sedaris also loves fake plaster foods. So much so, that she's now offering limited edition, signed faux decorative cakes as home decorative items on Fred Flare, so you can front like you've got baking skills like Nancy Silverton. Available in chocolate, strawberry, yellow and white cake editions. Goes great with a jar of jimmies (just remember that the jimmies are edible, the cake is not).