An Alarm Clock with a Conscience.

An Alarm Clock with a Conscience.

Joel Pirela
Aug 24, 2010

What happens with all the electronics after we're done with them? Landfill. Unless you are talking about Joon & Jung Paper Alarm Clock.

Paper Alarm Clock. An alarm clock with an exterior case made from paper pulp; the clock comes with a self address envelope for when you feel like you've finished using it; instead of discarding the clock, you simply put it inside the envelope and mail it back to the designers, so they can re-furbish it and send it to the next owner instead of polluting the planet.

Basically, you can create this yourself with a variety of cases, boxes or more simple approaches to hold all the electronics together.

Like this Pong Clock from Ladyada & Adafruit Industries: The MonoChron: 128x64 LCD, laser cut enclosure, blinking/beeping alarm with snooze and more!

Now telling the time is not only is fun but sensitive too!

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