An All-In-One Hidden Home Office, Bedroom, Closet, and Nightstand

When all you've got is just 450 square feet to work with, multi-purpose solutions are a must. New Yorkers are probably the most adept at making the best of what they're given, and this example illustrates small space living with a big dash of style is possible using a Swiss Army knife style, utility-dense solution...

The 450 square foot Manhattan studio was renovated by Normal Projects (here are a few more of their other small space projects) with the goals of everyday living requirements topped off with the hopes of entertaining. The solution: a custom cabinetry piece extending across the wall that hides just about everything a person needs: a fold out laptop desk, a bed, a nightstand, a closet, lshelving, kitchen storage, and additional lighting. The cabinet-system can be unfolded in a various configurations to accommodate specific utilities and space requirements.

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More photos and details about the Unfolding Apartment available here.

Via Modernica Blog

(Images: Alan Tansey)