An Alternative to Plastic Wrap: Abeego Flats

We don't have many bowls or dishes with lids, so we end up using a lot of plastic wrap when putting dough away to rest, or refrigerating a big bowl of leftovers. Here's one alternative to plastic wrap and aluminum foil that we find intriguing: Abeego Flats...

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Abeego flats are reusable bowl covers made from hemp and cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax and plant extracts. This coating makes the flats fluid-resistant and easy to clean. This waxy coating also makes the fabric stiff and able to be molded to the shape of a bowl. A set of Abeego Flats includes a six-, a nine- and a twelve-inch square sheet. The Flats can be cleaned in cold and soapy water.

We don't think that these would cover every use of plastic wrap and foil, of course. They aren't heat-resistant, so they won't stand in for most uses of aluminum foil. They also are in fixed sizes, obviously, so covering a big tray of cookies or hamburger patties is out. But for daily use of storing leftovers and basics, we think they could be great.

Have you ever tried something like this?

• Find them: Abeego Flats $18.50 for a set of three at Abeego

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