An Amazing Vintage Audio Equipment Collection

An Amazing Vintage Audio Equipment Collection

Gregory Han
Mar 30, 2009

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What do you do when you're an audiophile of the umpteenth degree and own a home...and happen to be arguably insane? Okay, not insane, but noticeably some degrees above the "passionate" level. How about filling 5 rooms of your home with HUGE speakers accompanied by only the finest in home audio equipment. To be frank, most of the equipment is of pedigree far above our own price range, including some vintage era components that originate from unique histories such as speakers from pre-war German movie theaters (KLANGFILM EURODYN / KL-l430, KL-l431 from 1935).

Lovers of vacuum tubes, phonographs, early model CD players and 117 lbs speakers will find themselves lost in a dizzying amount of photos, manuals and scanned publicity/publications related to the huge collection of home audio products collected. We'd be lying if we said we even recognized 10% of the components shown, but it's completely fascinating nonetheless, especially how he's shoehorned his collection to fit into the confines of a normal house.

[via Dinosaurs and Robots]

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