An Animated History of LEGO

An Animated History of LEGO

Richard Popovic
Aug 29, 2012

We all know that LEGO is one of the most popular and successful toy brands ever. But do you know how the ubiquitous little plastic brick came into being? If you've got seventeen minutes, you can witness the evolution of a small woodworking company into the juggernaut we all know and love so well.

Who knew that LEGO was created when a Danish carpenter fell upon hard times and began to make toys in his wood shop? To celebrate their 80th anniversary, LEGO has released this interesting little animated movie to tell the story of how that carpenter, Ole Kirk Christiansen, wasn't afraid to change with the times and risk everything to make his ideas come to life.

The movie is part tribute to the Christiansen family and part history of LEGO. While the narration can get a bit odd at times, we think the details are interesting enough to keep even a casual fan of LEGO watching.

(Images: Composite image by Apartment Therapy. Original source: LEGO)

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