(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
I'm always in awe of people with impeccably decorated homes who boast, "And we only moved in last week." I envy their ability to be decisive and seemingly just walk into a store and know exactly what's going to work, and then actually buy it on the spot.

Here's the thing — that just isn't me. I need time, and a tape measure. More time, and swatches. Validation from friends and the blogosphere. And then there's the fact that it isn't just me anymore. My boyfriend and I recently spent a good half hour, ahem, "debating" the placement of a bedroom rug.

The upside of all this is while a space is never truly finished, it's personal. It never feels like it was pulled straight from the pages of a store catalog and it allows me time to collect pieces with a bit more of a story. So, while the walls might be bare a little longer than I would like, both the process and end result feel all the more personal and, to me, more beautiful.

(Image: Andie Wurster / Peter & Blair's "Bohemian Preppy" Seattle Abode House Tour )