AT-AT Walker Made From Diaper Boxes

AT-AT Walker Made From Diaper Boxes

Richard Popovic
Aug 15, 2012

Diaper boxes are popular containers for upcycling. They are large, sturdy, and abundant. When most people think of what to do with them, it involves storage of some type, which is perfectly fine and logical. However, there are people out there who can look at a pile of boxes and see art. And not just any art--Star Wars art! These are our kind of people.

Yes, this is a toy/art object that is destined to be crushed by a toddler whose sympathies are more in line with the Rebel Alliance. Its creator, Kelly McQuinlan, admits that this one did not last three days before she had to rebuild it. But rebuild it she did, and luckily she took pictures of the process. Using only tape and a few diaper boxes Kelly managed to capture the AT-AT perfectly. It is especially amusing to see that even when covered in cheerful graphics, it still looks like it could blow your dining room table to pieces.

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(Images: Kelly McQuinlan. Via: DaddyTypes)

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