We seem to have an early contender for "father of the year" here, this one representing dads in China: Lingzi Luo put his engineering experience designing mini cars to good use and constructed his son a one-of-a-kind streamline carbon fiber body, LED light, full suspension and transmission equipped, and electric motor operated beauty.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
I suspect fathers out there are already wondering "beautiful, but how fast does it go?" Apparently really fast, especially with a drag coefficient similar to an ultra-efficient Tesla Model S...but the miniature roadster has been limited for safety: "5 KM/H limited by logic curcuit, but the design's ultimate speed is 130KM/H, or 86mile/h".

I'd guess as Lingzi's lad grows up, the speed limit will get lifted with the agreement of "Don't tell mom!" and a helmet. You might also want to not tell mom about the $15,000 price tag.

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