An Entryway Landing Strip with a DIY Built-In iPhone Dock

With the release of iCloud, it's clear that Apple's mission is to make sure everything in your world—from your phone to your computer—is synchronized and compatible. But until Apple starts making furniture, we'll have to look to projects like this one—an IKEA entryway shelf with a seamless DIY built-in iPhone dock—to get the full-scale integration we need.

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How handy would it be to have your landing strip—the place you dump your stuff when you walk in the door—customized with an iPhone dock, so you could set your device to charge right when you walked in the door?

Well Peter from Germany thought it would be great, so he set about doing it the DIY way with this project, featured on IKEA Hackers.

He first glued his iPhone's power cord to an iPhone dock insert (you can buy them in threes from the Apple store for $9). Then, with an IKEA LACK shelf as the base, carved out a hole in the top of the shelf for the iPhone dock to fit. By running the cords through the hollow center of the shelf, he's able to plug his phone in to the outlet on the wall just behind the shelf.

Peter admits he wants to clean up the few extra wires that hang down, but that's nothing a $5 Cable Yo-Yo can't fix. We're definitely digging the look and user-friendly addition this DIY IKEA hack has added to his entryway landing strip.

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[via IKEA Hackers]

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