An Etsy Sourced Bathroom

An Etsy Sourced Bathroom

Inspired by Nancy's great Anthropologie Etsy Challenge post, I wondered if one could furnish an entire bathroom using Etsy. If it could be done, would it be a cohesive look, and would I even like it?! The answer is, mostly, yes.

There are definitely other directions I could've gone — most obviously vintage, shabby chic or retro. But the challenge for me was to find most of the elements I'd look for in real life: lots of wood, neutral colors, a mix of modern and handmade pieces, and definitely a vertical garden. The most difficult things to find were toilets (I found two but they weren't remarkable enough to include here), faucets and tile (most were for crafts).

1. Heart Pine Sconce from Rough. South. Home.
2. Antique Faucet with Porcelain Handles from Easton & Belt
3. Concrete Double Vanity Sink from Epic Home Goods
4. Wall Mounted Succulent Garden from Rad Megan
5. Freestanding Teak Bath Tub from SCZOSTAK
6. Lime Green Glass Rectangles Tiles from Judy's Mosaic Supplies

(Images: As Linked)

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