An Imagined Life: Toy Cabinet

An Imagined Life: Toy Cabinet

Dec 20, 2007

All used items come with a story to tell. We only need to lean in and listen.

Nick was always good with his hands. I am, proud to say, one of his first big projects. Nicky and his father built me from scratch, built me up strong to hold all the rest of Nick's creations. The minute I was finished, Nick tore right off to the next project, which, I can assure you, was a toy. Nick loved to make toys more than anything in the world...

He started out with simple things, like dominos and hobby horses, and soon he was adding wheels and jingling bells to every thing he could get his hands on. He had me stuffed so full I thought I would bust apart! And see this scar here? I got this one night when his pet, Vixen, stole into the woodshop and decided I might make a nice midnight snack.

But that was a long time ago. Nicky's grown up and moved on but he's still dealing in toys. Proud to say, I hear he's running his own operation now. Got some big fancy title, like CEO or Saint. I do miss the boy but I'm happy that he's out there, making his toys, sharing them with all the nice little boys and girls. And, even though he traded me in for a big toy warehouse up North, I'd like to think that he remembers me.

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