An Important Reminder for Creative Souls

Comment of the Day

Today's Comment of the Day comes from the lovely lady above, Rebecca, whose home is featured as today's tour. Several readers picked up on the wisdom of one of her quotes from the tour - a good reminder for everyone, especially creative types who can get a little self-critical - check it out:

Rebecca says:

"I like to put all of my tools side by side to remind myself that I don't have to ever choose one thing. I can be a little good at everything! This is why my cameras will always live on top of my books, my paints next to my crochet hooks, the glitter next to the ukulele tuner."

Yes! It's great to embrace being "a little good at everything" - aim for no fear and fewer self-limitations, especially when it comes to creating. Diving in and simply trying definitely makes for a happier life.

Thanks, Rebecca!

(Image credits: Kathryn Bacalis)