An Indoor/Outdoor Space in Buenos Aires

Freunde von Freunden

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In a leafy suburb of Buenos Aires, in a neighborhood full of classical homes, architect Alejandro Sticotti and graphic designer Mercedes Hernáez have built this modern masterpiece. Indoor and outdoor spaces blend almost seamlessly — Mercedes calls it 'a garden with a roof.' Surrounded by all this greenery, it's easy to forget you're in the city. 

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Mercedes and Alejandro are both very creative people — besides being an architect, he also designs and produces a line of furniture, and she creates mini guides to different neighborhoods in Buenos Aires, as well as a line of notebooks.  Their home is warm and unstudied and reflects their love of craft and attention to materials — there's marble and tile and wood and metal and concrete, a mix that comes together to make a house that's modern in shape but also a textural feast for the eyes. And, of course, from every room in the home, you can see the garden beyond. It's the perfect modern retreat. 

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(Images: Ana Armendariz for Freunde von Freunden)