An Inspired Homeschooling Space

An Inspired Homeschooling Space

Richard Popovic
Aug 10, 2011

Since this month's focus here at Ohdeedoh is on learning at home it makes sense to take a look at spaces used for homeschooling. There are a number of elements that can be found in just about every homeschool room: a desk or table, a place to display projects, a chalkboard or whiteboard, and as much storage as possible. Creating one of these spaces usually involves commandeering unused square footage wherever it can be found and trying to keep everything in a semblance of order. Usually, but not always.

Angela from Satori Smiles readily admits that when she gets into something, she 'really gets into it'. Take a look at her homeschool spaces and you will quickly see what she means.

She and her husband embrace the fact that their home is a place of creativity and the result is a collection of thoughtfully designed areas where their daughter Satori can engage in multiple styles of learning. We think the Creative Room, with its dedicated bird watching area, is a lot of fun and the Reading Room's bright colors, comfy seating and innovative shelving is just about perfect. Even if you do not homeschool there are great ideas aplenty to help make any space a classroom for your kids.

Take a look at all of Satori's Homeschool Spaces throughout the home including a Science Station and Kraft Kitchen.

Images by Angela/Satori Smiles

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