(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Barcelona-based architect Susanna Cots completed this home's interior in 2012 with a focus on design, functionality, landscape and warmth, all while maintaining her devotion to the color white. Mission accomplished. The entire place is gorgeous and peaceful. The low loft bed design for the kid's room provides ample space for storage, work and play.

The addition of the pull-out desk to the underbed storage is a great idea worth borrowing. The surface is easily accessible when needed, but stashing it away puts the kibosh on clutter, and when work is done the chair can be pushed into a corner. Maximizing the functionality of the sleep area's footprint also means maxing out open space for play, and colorful textiles punctuate all of that wood and white. See the rest of the house on Susanna Cots' site.

(Image: Susanna Cots)