An Interview with Lotta Jansdotter

May Design Evening

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Our annual May ICFF Design Evening was fun and informative, with Lotta Jansdotter as the evening's guest! Click above for a few of her hit designs and below for a video about her life and inspiration. Click here for upcoming Design Evening details...

Guest: Lotta Jansdotter
Company: Lotta Jansdotter
Hometown: NYC

About: "Lotta Jansdotter’s designs are steeped in artisan traditions and a DIY spirit, but the homespun aspect ends there. Her look is sleek and urban and her products are created for a busy city life. Her awareness, substance and instinctual sense of style are perfectly suited for contemporary lifestyles. As is her generosity and sharing of knowledge. She plants seeds and let others reap the benefits. Because you always reap what you sew."

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