How was your Memorial Day weekend? It was hot and hazy here in D.C., a perfect kickoff to (unofficial) summer. For the month of June we'll be focusing on the great outdoors. For those of us living in a city with no backyard to speak of, the front stoop often serves as our dedicated outdoor space for the kids.

Our neighbors bring out a mini grill and barbeque on the ledge of our treebox. Friends gather with chairs and drink around the bottom of our stoop. The kids create temporary masterpieces using wet sidewalk chalk. Bubble blowing wands, bikes and scooters come out. And when it's really hot, popsicles are shared on the stoop. This summer I'll be on the hunt for a good sand and water play table or I may fashion one myself. We may not have the space for our own swingset, but we have our own brand of fun on the stoop. If you see us out there, stop by and say hello.