An Ugly Sweater Party For Your Laptop

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Who says employees at holiday Christmas parties get to have all the fun? Doesn't your laptop, surely a better friend to you than that guy from IT, deserve to have a little bit of "I've-been-searching-through-Goodwill-all-year-for-this" ugly sweater fun?—without all the hard work...

Davey Sommers makes a hobby of turning ugly sweaters into a laptop accessory as chic and elegant as a Snuggie.

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This is not a cult. It's the Today Show.

You can ask him why he decided to bring these into the world, but he'll just tell you something about recycling and living green that will provide absolutely no justification for something so tacky.

"Because of our need to look for new ways to reuse and put back unwanted materials into the product cycle, and as a way to remember what our relatives were wearing during the holidays in the 90’s, I made these laptop sweaters."

In the 90's? Hipster kids are wearing these right now. If you're a hipster kid and desire to match your laptop, they're $20.00 apiece here. He says they are made to fit 13 inch and 15 inch laptops but can comfortably stretch for a 17 inch-er.

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