Anatomical Accessories: Heart-Shaped Jugs by Christian Vivanco

The words "heart-shaped accessories" tend to conjure up saccharine images of kitschy stuff one might pull out for Valentine's day and then stash for the rest of the year. But these heart-shaped jugs are more anatomically correct, and way more interesting.

This limited edition, grown-up spin on the heart-shaped jug is called Corazón Coraza and was created by designer Christian Vivanco in collaboration with Mexican ceramics manufacturer Ánfora. It's designed with a compact size to hold two glasses of liquid, and the heart-shaped anatomy provides a pretty perfect spout.

"Corazón Coraza's morphology is compact, intimate and highly symbolic, great to have at home or office," Vivanco said on the project's website. "Its shape integrates seamlessly functionality and a figurative aesthetic, representative of its inspiration."

The glazed ceramic jug debuted earlier this month as a limited edition product at the Zona Maco Art Fair.

Via Design Milk

(Image credits: Christian Vivanco)