Anatomy for Children: Fun Activities

After writing about products that can help with teaching anatomy to children, I had promised I would write about activities that can be done together as well.

The main goal for us is to follow our kids' curiosities and somewhat guide them to inquire within it. This time, my 5 year old son is having a lot of questions about where things are inside of us. Here are a few activities I found on the internet that I thought would bring him some answers, and also be fun to do together:

• Pasta Skeletons from Martha Stewart

• X-ray with Q-tips from Inspired Montessori

• An Anatomy Unit for K-2nd grade and lots of printables on HS Printables by Spell Out Loud, a brilliant resource!

• A Sensory Tub at Counting Coconuts

• Making a Body Map as an Art Project from Pink and Green Mama

(Images: as linked above)

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