The Anderson Ultimate Bed

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Out at Anderson Manufacturing in St. Paul, Minnesota, the inventive spirit is still alive and well. Thankfully for us, during those cold Minnesota days and nights, they have solved a problem that vexes most New Yorkers; they've made a bed that has the most storage space ever (and FYI here's a link to Top 10: Beds with Storage)...

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The Ultimate Bed may not be too pretty, but it's got storage. Taking away the need for a dresser, the bed comes with many options that allow you to fill the base with easy-pull drawers on both sides and on the end.

It also has bedside tables that clip on to the frame, a headboard with lights in it (eliminating the need for a bedside light), and a stand for your television that mounts on the bed.

Much better looking in person, we have a client who swears by his and also purchased the special, adjustable Contour-Air Mattress, which is another Minnesotan invention. The average cost for one bed with most of the fixins' is around $2000 for a queen.

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(Re-Edited from 2005-10-11 - mgr)
(Re-Edited from 2006-03-21 - MGR)

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