Andrea's 'From Regrets to Adoration' Apartment

Andrea's 'From Regrets to Adoration' Apartment

Janel Laban
Aug 8, 2011

Name: Andrea
Location: Highlands — Louisville, Kentucky

I saw this apartment only once and signed the lease that day. When I walked into it again two weeks later, I burst into regretful tears. The rooms were smaller than I remembered, the previous tenant had taken the microwave I assumed would be mine, there was no outlet in the bathroom, the bathroom floor tiles were Barbie pink, there was no kitchen counter (at all), half of the only closet was unreachable space, and not even my broom--much less a kitchen table--could fit anywhere. What had I done?

I had acted too impulsively; I had been too anxious to live on my own that I snatched up any old apartment way too soon.

It only took a month, and my regret and dread quickly turned into pure adoration for this space. It is in fact the perfect size for me, as I use every inch of it in a productive way. I basically had a blank slate and complete design freedom, though I'm not completely thrilled about my mom's hand-me-down leather couch I couldn't afford not to use. My design aesthetic was a mystery to me when I started purchasing things--and I still can't define it, really--but I've been pleasantly surprised how I've managed to put things together. It's a nice eclectic mix of antique and modern elements that also incorporates Etsy whimsy with some Goodwill thrown-togetherness.

Most of my inspiration comes from design blogs and DIY magazines. I spent many hours perusing every single item at antique malls and thrift stores to determine its functionality and potential beauty. My favorite project is how I turned the existing dirty mini-blinds into roman shades using only scissors, fabric and fabric glue. And though I am very fond of my new Internet-ordered damask rug, my favorite piece without a doubt is my oak bed, a small antique double that belonged to my great grandparents. My father's mother was born in that bed.

Thanks, Andrea!

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