Andrea's Teeny Tiny Hong Kong Home

House Call

Name: Andrea
Location: Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

My name is Andrea and I am currently teaching at an international school in Hong Kong. At the end of August, I moved into my new, teeny-tiny (315 sq. ft.) flat. It was totally unfurnished when I moved in and the challenge was to create a space with defined living areas, while ensuring that it didn't feel too cramped.

I scoured the city, and internet, in search of cheap furniture. I ended up finding some great pieces for very little money. My beautiful coffee table rang in at a whopping $100HK ($13 US) and my orange, antique chair I scored for a mere $250HK ($32 US)! Ikea was able to help me with a few other pieces.

I like to think the style of my flat is traveled and eclectic. My "living room" wall is dedicated to all of the places I've traveled recently. On display are postcards, photographs and pieces of art collected from different places.

Across the flat, in my "bedroom", I've blown up a photo of one of my favorite places in Hong Kong, a gorgeous natural infinity pool. A lot of my linens have been collected from around the globe, including pillows from India and blankets from Bali, Indonesia.

I hope you enjoy my flat!

Thanks, Andrea!

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(Image credits: Submitted by Andrea Hughes)