Andrea's Updated Eclectic Apartment

House Call

Name: Andrea
Location: Waterfront, Toronto, Ontario

When my (then) boyfriend and I moved into our condo it was a design disaster and had a strange layout, but we'd fallen in love with the 350 square foot terrace overlooking the lake and decided to do a full reno to make the place ours (and bring it into the 20th century).

We crossed our fingers that a wall separating the kitchen and unusable small den could be knocked out to open up the space. My husband and I are now moving to a house with our young son and we are somewhat sorry to leave the spectacular view and light-filled space we have created. It has been a 6-year work in progress and many touches were completed by my handy husband, including the guest washroom vanity and the polished concrete floors. I would say the style is a bit modern, a bit earthy, and a bit asian-influenced with some African themes too... maybe I should say it's eclectic?!

Thanks, Andrea!

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