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Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
My girlfriend recently moved in with me, and wanting her to feel the place was as much hers as it is mine, we decided to completely make over the entire apartment. The dedication and patience that went into every detail over the last eight months turned out to be incredibly enjoyable and completely satisfying, despite only having 640 square feet to work with. The transformation turned out better than we imagined and the process was so much fun! That process is exactly what we both love the most about our home. There wasn't a single time we weren't laughing and enjoying ourselves. Everything from the countless trips to Home Depot to the late nights painting was just so stimulating and every new purchase was exciting. Everything in our new home reminds us of those moments and that’s what we love so much about our small home.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
We’re very happy with how our home turned out and despite doubling up on occupancy and possessions, we were surprised to find that we managed to create a more open environment with more storage than either of us had before. One of our tips for creating a successful space, regardless of size, is getting your furniture away from the walls. By placing our couch in the center of our living room, we were able to divide it into zones. That way, we could also use it as a small office. Another thing we found helpful was utilizing our vertical and ceiling space. Cabinets and shelves hung on our walls have helped our storage solutions, and our ceiling has helped us house two bicycles, a seriously difficult feat in New York. When we didn't have the space or felt it crowded, we utilized mirrors to give the illusion of a more open environment. We have at least one mirror in each of our rooms.