Angela Adams: trays debut

We are so happy when we get notes from Angela Adams [ok, not her personally but her people] because it always involves some new super-cuteness that is all A.A. We're not sure how they did this one but they have managed to use fabric to make these trays but are obviously coated with something as we're told they are easy to wipe clean.

Available today on the site they are available in 4 sizes [soap dish size, 6x8", 11"x17", and 9.5"x13"]. Prices range from $10-$65 which dare we say is the perfect design-y present for the holidays. We suggest [mostly we want it ourselves - funny how that works right?] the soap dish with a fancy, yummy smelling bar of soap tied to it. Voile' instant chic present for the art-damaged coworker's name that you pick again for the holiday exchange.