Angeleno Magazine Dish

So for most of us LA folks Perez Hilton, Defamer and TMZ have become a house hold name and a regular on our blog roll. So when I recently read the September issue of Angeleno Magazine that suggests Kelly Wearstler has a run for her money from Mary McDonald, I thought wow even the design world is getting a little dish. Not only did the article mention Mary McDonald's recent success at booking two very high profile design jobs but it also said that the sale of KWID's office is having some "permit issues" regarding the sale. (full article in the fold)

It turns out Kelly did not pull any permits on her garage when it was converted into an office. And that Kelly is being sited for this by the city. Don't get me wrong I am US Weekly/People rag fan but this to me sounds like we might hear more gossip when it comes to the design world, I wonder what will hear about next?