Angie's List

Angie's List

May 7, 2007

If you have home repairs coming up and you are dreading them, you are not alone. Here is a list of situations we have heard just in our immediate group: Liens on homes [temporary], restraining orders, contractors arriving drunk on the job-then not showing up, as well as discovering a main sewer line just inches below the soil are just some of the lovely stories we've heard with friends in remodels and repairs.

Angie's List is a site set up for consumers to review service industry professionals so that you can see for yourself if they do good work, show up on time, or have run off with someone's money. After a customer has reviewed the person or company, those companies are given copies of the reports and are allowed to respond to the reviews giving you two sides to the story.

In addition Angie's List members can only report on a company once every 6 months so that reviews are honest and not stacked for or against. As well the sites staffers look for irregularities or red flags in reporting. According to the site: Occasionally, we can catch service companies reporting on their own businesses. Those companies are reprimanded and the reports are promptly and permanently removed from the List.

In addition to home repairs the also offer Auto, Professional service reviews such as event and wedding, as well as accountanting and lawyers.

Sadly, Angie's list isn't free so it seems as if it would work best if you were doing large or extensive repairs on homes, or if you had just moved to an area and needed service providers it would be very helpful. Costs range from $6.95 month, or you can purchase up front a year at 53$ or two years for 95$.

Check out AT:SF's post about it here.

If you have used Angie's list we would love to hear your stories, since we're not signing up we can only see bits of the site from the outside perspective.

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